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    Lemon Love Ritual To Get Your Ex Lover Back

    Lemon Love Ritual To Get Your Ex Lover Back

    In my earlier posts, I have often presented free love spells without ingredients that work immediately. These spells, usually in the forms of incantations and prayers have been used by man since the beginning of time to make all their wishes come true. Today, I am going to talk about a spell using the lemon, a fruit that has had a magical place in the life of man since the very first civilisations came to existence.

    This lemon spell works, but you also need to have faith in it

    Many people put pressure on wizards to make sure each spell is 100 percent effective and guaranteed to bring happiness and joy to their lives. That is a great burden to carry. I cannot speak on behalf of the universe, what is meant to be will be. Magic is a very personal and delicate thing. It comes from the heart, it comes from the soul, it is about the spirit. It is my personal wish that this magic works for your good. This is not one of those free love spells without ingredients that you have been casting. This time, we have an ingredient – the lemon.

    Try this lemon love spell. This is what you need:

    • A lemon
    • White paper or parchment
    • A red marker
    • Red lipstick (optional)
    • A red bag or sack
    • On the white sheet, write your name on one side and your ex’s name on the other with the red marker. With the red lipstick, flip the paper over and print your lips on the paper. (If you are a man just kiss without using lipstick). Be sure to visualize yourself and the person together and in love. Cut the lemon in half and place each half over each name. If you have a skewer big enough you can pierce the lemon to keep them together.

      Put the lemon in the red bag.

      Remember, this is NOT one of those free love spells without ingredients. Follow the instructions carefully. Hold the bag with the lemon and meditate with it. Meditate and visualize yourself and your ex-partner together and madly in love. A few minutes later, you should hide the bag. You can do this by burying it in the patio, burying it in your partner’s patio, placing your altar close to it, putting it in a box under your bed, etc.

      Keep the bag there until your lover returns to you, if it hasn’t reappeared after three cycles of the full moon, then you can try again … but it’s probably time to move on. If you try this spell then let me know! I am interested to see how this lemon spell for love works for you! If you have any questions or comments you can ask me using the form below. Like I said, this is not one of those free love spells without ingredients that you have often casted. In case of any challenges, please get in touch with me.

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