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    Marie Laveau Voodoo Queen History

    Marie Laveau, The Most Prominent Voodoo Queen In The History Of Voodoo Magic

    New Orleans, where a popular voodoo queen by the name of Marie Laveau hailed from, is exceptionally unique. This city presents a mix of both the old and the new world, with the most striking thing about it being the belief the members of this community have in the supernatural. The stories that you will imbibe from this city can be categorised as “impossible”. For example, there is this legend of Marie Laveau, a famous voodoo queen from New Orleans which I am going to share with you in the subsequent lines.

    So, who was this voodoo queen called Marie Laveau?

    She was a very beautiful black voodoo queen from New Orleans. Because of her magical abilities and tremendous spiritual power, she wielded a lot of power during the times of her existence. She was a catholic by religion and her service to the poor, the sick and the destitute during her times have marked her as the most exceptional voodoo priestess in the history of voodoo magic. Today, there are those who still visit her grave and offer tokens of appreciation to her so that her spirit can give them the power to solve their problems.

    Marie Laveau can be said to be the only voodoo queen to leave a mark of exception in the history of voodoo

    The history of New Orleans cannot be told without the insertion of voodoo into it. Although voodoo dolls and zombies make a large part of the history of New Orleans, in reality the voodoo that Marie Laveau, the most popular voodoo queen here practiced was a combination of traditional beliefs and practices brought in by the slaves captured from West Africa, the traditions of the indigenous inhabitants and Christianity. In the same way as voodoo is far from reality, the legend of Marie Laveau is also a bit different.

    Here’s what you need to know about her

    She was born in 1801. Her mother (Marguerite) was a freed slave and her father (Charles Laveaux) was a mulatto businessman. In the genealogy of her family, she was the first to be born free. Her great grandmother came from West Africa in 1743 as a slave. Although free blacks did not usually own slaves at that time, Marie Laveau owned several slaves. Despite this, she still remained an important figure and the most charitable woman in the locality of New Orleans at that time.

    Family and marriage

    Her thirty years of marriage were spent in a relationship with Christophe Glapion, a Whiteman from Louisiana with a noble French background. This relationship was in the limelight because during those days, interracial relationships were not allowed by law. The voodoo queen that I have featured in this piece was a devout Catholic and she juggled her faith hand in hand with her voodoo practices. She died in 1888 and her tomb can still be viewed in one of the cemeteries near the voodoo museum in New Orleans today.

    From her story, we learn that voodoo can change lives

    During her reign as a voodoo queen, she healed the sick and performed many miracles. Many slaves who wanted freedom from their owners went to her to buy charms and they were able to obtain the freedom they desired. If you feel you are under the chains of bondage by a power you cannot tell; the freedom you want lies in the power of voodoo. Contact your voodoo spells caster or any other voodoo queen online now.

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