Powerful Love Spell Cast Using A Voodoo Doll

The era of slavery was abolished centuries ago and no one should continue being the slave of suffering for an unrequited love. If you are experiencing some struggles in your relationship, get out of it today using powerful love spells cast using the voodoo doll. Love is not a game. However for this love spell, we will use a doll. Of course it is not just any doll but one which has been endowed with powers to help you achieve and realize your most precious dream. But, before we get to that, I would love to first talk slightly about voodoo and voodoo magic.

What is voodoo and what is its origin?

Voodoo has its beginnings in the year 1492 with the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the West Indies. This practice began with the different mixtures of religions, races and beliefs, especially by the Africans they had taken to be slaves.

Voodoo practice was exercised secretly since the colonizers had banned it and it was forbidden. Voodooism became known freely by Haitians, after the independence and foundation of Haiti. Voodooist Haitians, as part of religion, use the bones of humans in funeral rituals in order to keep the living energy of the person who has already left.

What is a powerful love spells with voodoo Doll?

When casting powerful love spells using voodoo dolls, fetishes are used. These rituals are based on the basic principles of universal magic which states that a part is equal to the whole and that whatever we use to represent the person, will be the same as the person. in other words, you can use a doll, nails , underwear, hair, clothing, photos, blood or any other body fluid of the person to influence him or her.

By getting these articles and employing them in a magic ritual, you can act supernaturally act on this person. The magical connection is even greater when you use hair, nails or fluids of the person in question. For this powerful love spells with voodoo doll, pins are also used to puncture certain areas in the doll.
These punctures do not always represent damage, in the case of powerful love spells with voodoo doll. They represent the exact areas in the person that you would like to affect. In other words, each prick represents the physical desire, love and control of that person’s mind.

Powerful love spells using voodoo are the best

Voodoo uses the powerful energies of the universe to help bring positive changes in the mind of the person you love. On the other hand, one other advantage is that you can still cast these powerful love spells using voodoo on another person even when you do not have any object of the victim at hand since what is most involved is the energy, focus and mental strength that you put to generate better results .

How to make powerful love spells with voodoo Doll

This love spell with voodoo doll is an act of black magic, so it is the strongest and the most effective spell that you can ever use on your lover. With this love spell, you will not suffer any rebounds about from the fact that your lover will become more committed to you than ever before. In fact, for this spell you are going to ask Erzulie for help. The Goddess Erzulie is an embodiment of love and sensuality and she is represented by the Virgin Mary at the Catholic level. After you have cast the spell, you will have to offer something in return as an offering of thanks for the favor granted.

It is a gift that can be the smoke of a tobacco or a sip of an alcoholic beverage which you will blow out in the air. In any case, it can also be a flower.

Materials required for this spell

To cast this powerful love spells with voodoo doll, you will need the following:

  • A plastic doll with its genitals defined
  • Cotton
  • A plate or saucepan
  • Three pins
  • Two yellow flowers, two white and two red
  • A handful of basil
  • A handful of lavender
  • A small jar of honey
  • Rosehip oil
  • A photo or in case you do not have it, it can be a personal object like a small comb, nail clipper, shirt joint, a chain, a ring or anything else.

Here is the procedure

As you may have already known, voodoo dolls absorb the energies of the person who makes them. So, if you are making a voodoo doll, do it with love and imagine it to be your beloved. You can talk to it, kiss it, hug it and imagine that they have embraced you, that they feel your heart beating and your energy of love and passion.

  • Fill the doll halfway with cotton.
  • Enter the photo, a lock of hair, nails, or the personal object of your beloved into it.
  • Place a little of each herb and some rose oil too into it.
  • Complete the stuffing of the doll.
  • Place the stuffed doll inside the pan or on the plate.
  • Bathe it with honey and rosehip oil and sprinkle some herbs on top.
  • Light the tobacco or spread the drink of alcohol in the air and offer it to Erzulie and thank him in advance for his intervention. Recite the following incantation aloud:
  • “ I ask the deities to help me to make (say the name of your lover) to fall in love with me, to open his heart and give me his feelings of love.”

  • Light the red candle and offer it for the ritual.
  • Pick the first pin and stick two yellow flowers, two red and one white on it. Use the pin to puncture in the eye of the doll while saying these words “with this pin, I cover your eyes so that they look only at me”
  • Proceed and stick another pin in the heart area while saying the following words: “with this pin, I bind your feelings so that all your love is only mine”
  • Finally, stick the third pin in the genital organ while saying the following words aloud: “With this pin I bind your desire so that all your desires are only for me.”

Once you have cast this powerful love spells with voodoo doll, thank the spirits who accompanied you in the ritual to intercede for you.

Put off the candle with a very slight blow. Keep the doll, the candle and all the materials and repeat this powerful love spells every night at the same time for thirteen days using the same candle for each night.

At the end of those thirteen days, you should bury the doll in a very flowered garden and by then you will have your partner with you. You can contact me in case you have questions regarding powerful love spells using voodoo dolls. If you are unable to do it on your own, maybe I could do it for you.