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    Witches Are Real. How To Know them and What They Do

    Witches Are Real. How To Know them and What They Do

    Are witches real? Since we all came of age, I believe we have all wondered if witches really exist. In ancient times, there was much more talk about them than there is right now. However, it is a belief that remains in time. Many people still confirm their existence from the past, now and in the future. In all these, we ask ourselves: Are witches real? The truth about witches goes beyond the caricaturing that we see on televisions. It is far much beyond our imaginations of women in black suits wearing long hats, having long nails and flying on a broom. This is how we have always thought they are from childhood.

    Where do witches get their powers from?

    These people who call themselves witches act under the influence of sorcery, which is the primordial source for their creations. Witches perform spells of various kinds according to the needs and wishes of the person requesting the spell. They are also able to predict the future for themselves and for other people through different means. Today, witches are of different kinds. There are black magic witches that are dedicated to causing problems and discomfort of different magnitudes to people. There are also those who work with positive magic. The latter only predict the future and often help people. Finally, there are also those who become witches in the middle of the night to fall on the roofs of other people and disturb their sleep. Are witches real? Yes, they are.

    What do bad witches want from people’s Houses?

    There are many anecdotes and scary stories that we find on the internet about the attacks of witches. This might prompt you to ask yourself: what do Witches look for in houses? If there’s one thing they have in common, they are all looking for the same thing: Babies. It’s terrifying, right? To think that a paranormal being may be in search of your little ones is very terrifying. The fact is that witches look for our babies because they, according to legend, have “clean” blood. Babies are more vulnerable to being attacked them than any other person. Witches find babies an easy prey to pounce on. However, you should remember that not all witches are as bad as that. There are some who work to bring goodness into the lives of people. Are witches real? Yes, truly, they are.

    But what do bad witches do with our babies? What do they want from them?

    Bad witches eat blood. For this reason, they look for babies because they know are small helpless bodies. They do not bite them or use their tallows to get to create an opening in order to syphon out the blood. They suck the blood of our little ones through the skin. So after this, there are bruises that are commonly referred to as “hickeys” all over the body of the baby. Although you may not see these bruises, babies often feel the pain. That is why some babies cry disconsolately at night. This is a true anecdote from several people who have had to witness and were in this terrible situation. Are witches real? Yes! Watch out if your baby cries a lot at night. Someone might have sent a witch to torment it. Soon, your baby might run out of blood and may die too!

    Is there anything that you can do about witches?

    Yes! You can use a good witch to fight a bad one. Like I already said, witches are different categories. Some cast spells that remove evil from your life. If you desire protection from the evil witches, you can use the benevolent ones to help you. There are solutions that you can use to counteract their powers and malediction. Witches usually terrorize society more than we think. Today, cases of these terrorisms are present in the cities too. In the past, they could only be seen or known in the towns in the countryside. Are witches real? Yes, they are. In very few cases, they can enter your house only to bother or mock you. If you think these things are happening to you, you can protect yourself from their harm’s way. Are witches real? Truly, they are.

    How can you protect yourself or baby from witches?

    Are witches real? Do you still doubt their existence? They are real today and tomorrow! You can even see cases in which they attack our children. In terrible situations, they can even take a baby away. I believe it is not the first time you have heard of a child who disappeared from a hospital or soon after birth. Because of this, we should know how to protect our babies from witches. Listening to your baby desperately crying at night should not continue happening. Are witches real? Yes. You must avoid all this because the witches are not a myth, but a reality that we must take away from our homes and our lives as soon as possible.

    How can I know someone is a witch?

    Today, it is hard to identify a witch. Many centuries ago, during the holy inquisition, it was easier. Throughout the more than 300 years that the witch hunt lasted, the ways and techniques to identify witches varied markedly. However, after the publication of the “Malleaus Maleficarum”, everything was reduced to one: “If a woman is accused of witchcraft, she is a witch.” Are witches real? Yes! Today, I would like to give you some clues on how you can identify a bad witch.

    A sorcerer or a witch is a person who practices witchcraft. The typical image of a sorcerer or witch is very variable depending on culture. In the Western World, a witch is a woman who generally looks ugly and old with ability to fly mounted on a broom. However, this image of the classic witch mixes reality with fiction. Despite all these, the reality is that witches are women who use the properties of plants, stones and flowers to make concoctions with the intention of achieving a specific purpose. The knowledge that these women have about nature makes them to go one step further and get in contact with everything supra-terrainal and the world of intangible energies. If you discover that you have a neighbor who likes making concoctions from plants, this could be the first clear indication that she is a witch. Are witches real? Yes. There could be one in your neighborhood.
    You can also tell she is one by seeing what she does

    Are witches real? Yes. You can identify them through their works. Witches are linked to the spiritual world and, therefore, are likely to believe in occult sciences and esotericism. Some of them are card or tarot readers. They believe in another world that is not visible through our senses. For this reason, they tend to move through more esoteric sectors that also believe in the power of natural energy. Today, witches and witchcraft practices are widespread in the society. There are a variety of natural remedies for problems of health, emotions or love. It is a branch of medicine that is referred to as naturopathy. The contact with our spirit and the world of energies is now more alive than ever and that is why practices such as meditation, yoga, spiritual retreats, etc. have been extended. In the middle ages, this would have been treated as witchcraft. Are witches real? Yes.

    Good witches offer natural and miracle remedies

    Although the word “spells” is the choicest to use with reference to magical works by witches, I would like to substitute it with “natural remedies” or “miracle remedies”. Good witches cast spells that can change situations. They take advantage of the healing properties of nature to create mixtures that are capable of altering the state of lives. Witches usually connect to nature and the paranormal using magical stones and amulets. Currently, there are many people in the world who believe in the powers of stones and wear them on pendants or hang them on the doors of their homes. Are witches real? Yes! Check if that woman wears a lot of pendants and strange looking ornaments.

    Powerful witches and wizards also cast love spells

    Are witches real? Yes. Some good ones also cast love spells. Spells of love allow a person to increase their ability to deliver and receive love. Whatever you do that makes you feel more loved or open to love will bring more love to your life. Magical powders, spells of love and magical works can bring or return love into our lives. When you are looking for a new love, you do things that can bring them to you. Most of these things are often based on what others see when they look at us. Maybe we use more time to improve our appearance in order to increase the levels of desire of our partner. These are common and very necessary ways to attract love to us. Love spells can add passion into a relationship and rekindle lost love. Love spells help create attraction and opens your heart so that you can receive love. Love is not just about wanting someone to appear into your life. It is about making someone to have genuine desire, passion and love for you. Witches and wizards know how to cast love spells. Are witches real? Yes. A wizard of spells is waiting to talk to you HERE.

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