How to make a love potion

Here is how you can make an effective love potion using ancient magic. This magic potion was commonly used in the middle ages and was kept secret. For this love potion, you will need the following requirements:

  • Incense
  • Between 5 and 7 red rose petals.
  • 1 black candle
  • 4 large spoons of common alcohol that is used in pharmacy.
  • A metal container and a stove for cooking.
  • 4 teaspoons of incense powder.
  • A glass of mineral water.
  • A small transparent glass.
  • A small bottle of approximately 250 ml. If it is opaque color better.
  • A cloth strainer or paper filter.
  • A small funnel that you will use to put the liquid in the bottle.
  • Strainer

Precautions before you make the love potion

  1. Make the potion in a quiet place on a full moon night.
  2. Use only the ingredients for that, including the metal container that you should use just to make potions or for magical matters.
  3. Use good quality materials (the incense must be of the first mark, the rose petals must be fresh).

How to prepare the magic love potion

A week before the full moon night occurs:

  • You should put the petals of roses in the transparent glass with the alcohol.
  • You must leave the petals inside the glass during the whole week in a place where direct sunlight does not penetrate.
  • Put the container over the fire with mineral water and sandalwood.
  • Cook over low heat until the first boil. While cooking, the following words should be spoken: “Through this preparation, he (or she) approaches me. Nothing can come between us. Love grows, strengthens, we are together, more, better, joy. “
  • Repeat the phrase during the time when you are preparing this love potion.
  • Then once the first boil is given, put out the fire and let the water rest, which will be quite thick until it gets cold.
  • Light the black candle and place it on the north.
  • Put the preparation with alcohol on the right and the preparation made with the incense to your left.

These two elements must be in front of the black candle.

  • Light the candle and as it burns, say the following words: “Darkness opens to light, love arrives, and loneliness goes away.”
  • Repeat the phrase 3 times with the candle lit.
  • Once you have finished saying the phrase, take the elements and exchange them, that is, put the preparation with incense on the right and the alcohol preparation on your left.
  • Say the following sentence: “Through this ritual, I seal this magic love potion forever.”
    Then let the candle finish, filter the preparation with incense.

  • Then put in the bottle using the strainer, both prepared. Mix well. So the love potion is ready.

Super-Effective Love Potions To Make Someone Love You

Have you ever used a love potion? Today, I am going to talk about how real love portions are made. A lot has been said about potions, especially love potions.
If you have watched many witch films or read children’s stories regarding the same, a quite common picture is drawn. We see witches and magicians prepare their potions in a type of cauldron.

They beat and incorporate different things into the mix. However, the fact is that these images are very far from reality. The potions of money, love potion and health potions are usually prepared in cauldrons. However, when one is not a full devotee in the world of witchcraft, it is not worth getting a cauldron to make a simple potion.

With a cooking pot, you can do as much as can be done with a cauldron.

Why should you make a love potion?

There are many reasons and purposes to make a love potion. Most of these reasons are variables and vary from one person to another. They also depend on the type of problem the person would like to solve.

Potions and love spells are usually made to enchant people, to bind lovers and to regenerate dead feelings of love. In some cases, people also use them to cure diseases and to improve finances. In the dark side of magic, they can also be used to cause misery and pain.

The world of potions is actually too diverse and can be used for various purposes. When combined with a spell, a love potion can produce a more powerful result according to the wish of the person casting.

A love potion is more powerful than a love spell

In the world of witchcraft and from my own experience, I can say and affirm with total certainty that love potions are more powerful than love spells. However, they require more elaboration and have more complexity than spells.

Spellcasters use elaborate elements in the making of love potions, and this is what makes them more powerful than love spells. Before you think of making a love potion, you should know very well which elements to be used and combined. Otherwise, the results can be quite disastrous.

No matter how much you have loved or how much you tried to find love. With a love potion, you will be able to find the love that you have always been wishing for in a simple way.

Aphrodisiac love potion for love and sexual desire

Some secrets of the ancients include recipes to improve romantic relationships.
Aphrodisiacs have existed since ancient times in many cultures. The term aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, goddess of love of the ancient Greeks, who emerged from the sea foam.

An aphrodisiac is a substance or mixture that has the power either magical or natural (or both) to increase sexual desire and / or erotic pleasure. In the first case, it gives rise to desire in love or intensifies it.

In the second, it allows you to satisfy your lover fully. It also helps to make someone fall in love and it is the best love potion. Practitioners of magic and love spells casters know how to make them.

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