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    Powerful Magic Love Spells Cast Using Shoes

    Powerful Magic Love Spells Cast Using Shoes

    The best magic love spells using a photo in the shoe are available here. In the same way that shoes protect us from the stones on the road and help us in our walk, shoes can also be used in this love spell with a photo in the shoe to find and control the love of your life.

    The shoe is a very important article when it comes to looking good and transmitting a message about your personality. We all know that by looking at the model and quality of a shoe, we can discover many aspects of people’s personality.

    The shoes are in charge of supporting our weight and always carry the worst part because when we stumble they are the ones who absorb the blow and protect our feet in this way. They are also the ones that protect us from all the dirt on the road in our walk.

    They are our day-to-day companions and they are even our relief tool in many cases. For example, when someone bothers us, we can unload our frustration or anger on that person by throwing a shoe at them.

    All these reasons and many others make the shoe a good ally when trying to bind the love that person we desire.

    The shoes absorb the greatest amount of energy we discharge from our bodies with each step and it is this energy that anyone can use to master the feelings of a loved one. Get ready to start with this magic love spells with photo on the shoe that will make you especially dominant in the relationship. This magic love spells with photo on the shoe is a ritual that you must start on Friday because this day is ruled by the goddess of love and the planet Venus, which will make it easy to connect with the stars and your feelings. You should also endeavour to verify that this day is full moon so that you can guarantee the growth of your relationship. This magic love spells with photo in the Shoe should also be performed for seven consecutive days and then start enjoying the results.

    To perform this magic love spells with photo on the shoe, you will need to have the following at hand:

    • A photo of the person you would like to bind
    • A sheet of white paper
    • A pen
    • A little baking soda, to help physical hygiene and spiritual cleansing, will help ward off bad energies.
    • A pair of your shoes (if you are the one who will do this magic love spells), if possible the ones you wear the most when you go out with that person you love.

    The procedure

    1. At the start of this magic love spells, put baking soda powder inside each shoe and pour water into it so that it covers the entire interior of the shoe.
    2. Take the picture and put it with the face facing the sole of your left foot and place the sock in advance in order to prevent that photo from being badly damaged. It may bother you a little to start walking but it will become easier as soon as the photo is molded to your foot.
    3. Write your wishes about that person and what you would like to achieve in this relationship on the white sheet of paper. A phrase that says something like:

      “With each step, I dominate your heart and you (you say the name and surname of the victim) will come to me begging for love”.

    4. Fold this paper seven times so that it is small.
    5. While making each fold, visualize that person walking towards you in love. Put the paper in your right shoe once you put on the sock and put on your shoes.
    6. Do your usual routine in a normal way and make sure that the person whose love you are going is near or around you so that the effect of this magic love spells becomes more direct.

      Remember also that it is through each step that you will radiate the energy that must reach your beloved and therefore cannot be so far from you.

    7. In every step you take with your left foot, visualize his or her face glued to you, imagine all the beautiful moments that you have shared together or those that you want to share.
    8. Also imagine that there won’t be any contradictions when the two of you are united in love. Visualize your life being next to his in a relationship full of love, harmony and fire.
    9. When you step on the right side, remember every wish you wrote on that paper and make it come true.
    10. At all times that you are wearing your shoes and the photo is inside, your steps must be firm, safe and well directed. A stumbling block would not be a good sign and if it were to happen the best thing would be to cancel that day and start from scratch, this means that you take the photo and paper and keep them so that you can start doing this magic love spells the next day or when you want.

    Everything you do in your walk will be like the symbolism of what your relationship will be:

    • If you hesitate on which path to follow, you will still be hesitant in your decision if that is the right person to love or not and I remind you in this you must have security since once this magic love spells is executed, there will be no turning back.
    • If you go with slow and gentle steps, you will not be transmitting the necessary strength to that magic love spells or dominance to the relationship.
    • If your feet twist along the way, it will mean that you will have problems in your relationship but you will overcome them.
    • If, for example, the photo in your shoe is destroyed the same day, that will mean that that person will not withstand so much pressure from you and the magic love spells will be dissolved. However, you should not worry because this does not usually happen.
    • Once the seven days of the magic love spells ritual have been completed, keep the photo or what’s left of it somewhere where you can always take it with you. It is your love secret so you should keep it with you and make sure that your partner does not find out anything about it in the future. Your faith and energy that is put in this magic love spells will be what moves the energies on your environment. Mentalize everything in the positive whenever you can and do not forget to thank the universe for the favors granted.

    Powerful shoe magic love spells to bring back a lost lover

    Like I have already said, magic love spells come in different forms and there are many ways to cast them. Many people have gone through ruptures in their relationships and find it difficult to move on. When your boyfriend breaks your heart, you shouldn’t worry, since there are many ways to regain his love. Many people will give you advice, but in the end, you will make your own decision. I will focus on magic love spells as a way which you can recover the lost love of your loved one.

    Will a shoe magic love spells recover my ex boyfriend?

    Many people may wonder if the spells work, since it is more about magic than reality. First, you need to know that anyone can cast magic love spells. However, a special domain of specific words is required for spells to have meaning. There are people who have really mastered the art of casting spells and even do it for commercial purposes. The advice I can give you is to take these spells seriously. Here are some tips and spells that you can cast to recover your loved one by wearing your shoes.

    Magic love spells to bind love using a shoe

    This magic love spells is one of the easiest and simplest that you can cast to recover your loved one. For this spell to work, you must possess one of the belongings of that person whose love you would like to recover. This could be a personal belonging that he treasures a lot or even something that links directly to him. In this case, you can have a piece of his hair. Since the hair piece is directly linked to him, it is the best object you can use to cast this magic love spells. Once you have his hair, cut a small piece of your hair and join it together with his hair. Take a paper where you will write the following:

    “I bind you to me as the moon does not exist without the night, as the sun does not exist without the day, return my love because I need you, give me your life”

    Then place your hair and his in the center of that sheet of paper, fold it well (enough to fit like a template in the shoe and use it on the left foot for 7 days. Make sure that every time you put on your shoes, say his name several times, especially at night before taking your shoes off, you have to believe that this magic love spells works in order to produce results.

    Lemon magic love spells with shoes

    At some point, each relationship experiences moments of disagreement that can culminate in breakups. However, these breaks don’t always go well for most people. You may still feel that you love your ex boyfriend and would do anything to get him back.

    The lemon spell with shoes is a simple magic love spells that will allow you to recover your loved one.

    For the spell to work, you will need:

    • a lemon (fresh),
    • a piece of paper (pink) and thread (red) and your everyday shoes.

    Once you have these elements together, you can cast the magic love spells.


    1. On the sheet of paper, you can write your name and the name of your loved one.
    2. After writing that person’s name, take the lemon and use it for wetting the paper so that it is impregnated.
    3. Fold the paper in such a way that your names touch each other.
    4. After folding the paper, tie it with the red thread.
    5. While doing these procedures, imagine how your loved one makes you happy and firmly believe that he will return to you.
    6. Then place the paper outside overnight in the moonlight stepped on with a shoe (preferably the left one for daily use).
    7. The next day, put the paper in that shoe and leave it there until your loved one returns to your arms. The waiting period will not take more than one week.
    8. It is important to take into account that these magic love spells must be done with a lot of conviction and faith that the universe will grant you its power to carry it out.
    9. It is also important that the spell be kept secret. It is a very bad omen to tell someone before the spell has had any effect.

    If you would like to know more about these magic love spells and many others, get in touch with me today.

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