How To Make Him Think Of Me All The Time

When you know how to make someone think of you, you can be successful in making that person to love you all the time. In love, everyone always yearns to make the other person think of them for eternity. Is that what you too are thinking of doing? If so, then I recommend effective magic spells. Spells have been with man from the early times to the present. If you are interested in promoting love and creating passion, this is your spell.

Here is a simple spell to make that man think of you forever

The fastest way of how to make someone think of you is through spells casting.

All human beings have a magical side and women seem to have been endowed with more skills in doing it than men. You can try this spell in the comforts of your living room. For this spell, you will need your lover’s photo, a red candle and a red ribbon.

A red candle has been proved very powerful in emitting energies that promote love.

Follow the following procedure as you do the magic

  • Start by lighting the red candle.
  • Take the photo and stick it on your chest on the position where the heart is located.
  • While doing so, say the following incantation:

    “Beloved I implore you to think about me all day. Your dreams will be only about me”.

    After that, roll the photo and tie it with the red ribbon.

  • Burn the remaining part of the ribbon using the candle without letting the candle flame to touch the photo.
  • In doing that, keep thinking about your lover. This is the simplest way of how to make someone think of you all the time.

The spell above is a white magic spell for beginners

In addition to the above spell, there are other stronger spells that use black magic here at my disposal. Spells can also be applied for love purposes.

For example, if you see that your lover has started ignoring you or does not show you his romantic side all the time, I would recommend a love spell for. I believe you now know how to make someone think of you all the time using magic.

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