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    Powerful Love Rituals Using The Undergarment Of Your Loved One

    Powerful Love Rituals Using The Undergarment Of Your Loved One

    There are several love rituals that can be used to influence the person you are trying to fall in love with in several ways. As a general rule, each of these rites and spells use objects belonging to the loved ones to improve their effectiveness and performance. Often, love rituals that use personal belongings of the person you are interested in are much more effective, especially if you use your partner’s underwear or inner garment to try to seduce the person.

    Love rituals using the underwear are very effective

    The underwear is a piece made of soft fabric and it is used as under clothing to protect and maintain hygiene. Underwear is directly related to human eroticism because it is the one that covers the external sexual organs. Many people are captivated by the undergarment because they are the things that are not normally exposed in public.

    For that reason, many companies use models who are only clad in their underwear to advertise their products because they attract and capture the interest of people. it is this same energy that love rituals using the underwear uses to influence the other person to love you.

    Effective love rituals using dirty underwear

    The love rituals using dirty panties is one of the most accomplished due to its ease and effectiveness. This garment of underwear has been used since ancient times in the performance of enchantment rites. This is because the dirty underwear, being in direct contact with the person’s skin, absorbs and stores a large amount of body energy and the essence of that person. In addition, this garment also absorbs the smell of the person and therefore pheromones can be used to penetrate the mind of those who smell or consume them.

    Powerful love rituals using undergarment for long lasting relationship

    One of the most interesting things about love rituals using the underwear is that it can cause strong love and passion to exist, making the relationship to last for eternity. However, the hardest part about performing this love spell with dirty panties is that it is hard to get the panties of the person you are interested in, especially if you don’t have a relationship with him or her yet. You will need to test your creativity and, most likely, use the will of friends or close people you have in common to help you get this undergarment.

    But assuming, in the worst case, that the person you are interested in does not wear underwear, then you will have to try other love rituals or love spells to make him or her fall in love with you.

    Easy love spell with dirty underwear #1

    This is one of those love rituals than anyone who desires love can use. However, before performing it, you will need the following requirements:

    • A dirty underwear of yours and a dirty underwear of your beloved (By “dirty”, I mean one that has not been washed)
    • A red candle
    • A white candle
    • A lighter
    • Red thread and needle
    • A sheet of pink paper and a red ink pen

    The procedure

    1. The first thing you will have to do in performing this love rituals is to lock yourself in your room and ensure that you are in there alone so that you will not be interrupted by anyone. This should specifically be on a Friday night.
    2. Light both candles and dedicate a prayer of thanksgiving so that the beings of light listen and intercede for you in this powerful of all love rituals using panties.
    3. Write your name and that of your beloved on the pink paper sheet.
    4. Under the names, write a list of all the requests you have, of everything you want in that relationship and then fold the sheet.
    5. Take both dirty panties and join them in front of each other. Proceed to sew a heart figure that covers the entire center using the red thread.
    6. Before closing the seam completely, insert the paper between the two panties so that it is caught in the middle of them, and then finish sewing them.
    7. It is important that throughout this love rituals, while sewing, you feel that in each stitch you are tying every feeling of that person.

      It is also good that in each stitch you imagine how it is that you want to feel in that relationship and also that you imagine how you want that person to behave with you during the whole relationship that you will have with him or her from that moment.

      Let the candles burn completely and make sure that you collect the remains and dispose them off in the trash container. During each night, you will take in your hands that heart made with both underpants and you will smell them to put your mind to work according to your desires.

    8. If possible keep them under your pillow to impregnate them with your energy while you sleep and once you start to see the results, that is, that person begins to manifest the changes you expected, you can keep the pants in a drawer where No one will discover them.

    All the faith and positive energy that you put into this love rituals is essential for obtaining the desired results.

    The fascinating thing about these love rituals with dirty panties is that it can be easily undone. Although you may start enjoying a strong rapport with your partner, if you do not want to be with him or her anymore, you can take out those panties from where you keep them and in a similar ritual, carefully remove the stitches that join them. While removing each stitch, you will be thinking of all the reasons why you would like to be with another person, not the one you are currently in love with.

    Remember that you must always keep your inner peace and good intentions in everything you do, seeking not to harm anyone and in this way you will be aligned with the cosmos to be able to live in harmony and get everything you want from life or any other Another love spell.

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