Is A Voodoo Doll Real? Is It Effective?

Most people, when they start thinking about a voodoo doll, either become afraid or start conjuring up images of bloodthirsty and violent revenge. However, this is not actually true about a voodoo doll. Our misconception is promoted by what we watch and read in popular books, oral histories and films from Hollywood. In these “pictures”, we imagine voodoo doll-makers putting pins into the doll in order to cause pain, misfortune and even death on the targets of the spell. But, do these voodoo dolls really work? Are they truly real?

Well, let’s examine that in the next lines

The making of a voodoo doll is what practitioners of the voodoo religion often do. These people craft voodoo dolls and use them in casting healing spells, love spells and as a way of influencing the behavior of other people from a distance. Today, you can buy voodoo dolls from many esoteric shops across the world, but more commonly in New Orleans. However, you can also make a voodoo doll on your own. Here, you will need either clays or clothes that belong to you and your lover. In order to make this voodoo doll more powerful, you can also add hair or nail clippings into it. The voodoo doll is real and it works in spiritual spells to influence others.

What is the voodoo doll used for?

Believers of the voodoo religion in Haiti use voodoo dolls traditionally because they came with this tradition from West Africa. As slaves, they did not abandon the old ways that they came with from west Africa. They later merged it with the Roman Catholic religion, creating what is currently referred to as modern voodoo. The rituals that voodooists perform with dolls are not solely intended to harm. They are used in casting healing spells, in casting love spells and in the invocation of deities.

Do you want to learn voodoo doll magic?

Then you should contact a professional voodooist for more details. The benefits that users of the voodoo doll enjoy are many. Some of them include the ability to influence other people, to control other people and to order to act or think the way you would like them to. Voodoo doll magic works best in the hands of a professional. Do not ever try this magic on your own because it can either backfire or cause very terrible repercussions into the life of the user of the voodoo.