Moon Spells For Love, Passion, Affection And Intimacy

The full moon spells for love are rituals that harness the energy of the full moon. From the ancient days, primeval cultures elevated their being to this star in pursuit of fullness and the special power that the moon offers. The moon has always worked to help human beings attract good things into their lives. If you would like to chart a way forward for a new beginning, it is worth taking advantage of the moon’s energy charge and astral vibration. This planetary body has a great power of influence over life in the world. It breeds a series of impulses through which it emits a force that sways everything that surrounds us. For this reason, magic cannot be alien to it.

Full moon spells for love are the best love spells

Why do I say so? Because the most magical moon phase is the full moon phase. For thousands of years, the full moon has been linked to spiritual fulfillment. It is considered a symbol of good luck, so it is an extraordinary night to perform spells of love and fertility. One of the oldest and most important mythologies in the world, Brahmanica, which comes from India, considers the moon as the kingdom of the dead. It is also believed that the moon is responsible for the growth of the plants. We also find a great veneration to the moon in the ancient Greek civilization. They represented it through the triple goddess, which was formed by Artemis, Selene and Hecate.

The moon affects our body and emotions in many ways

In the first place, emotions are more to the surface than ever during the full moon phase can be controlled easily using full moon spells for love. Anything, whether negative or positive, can influence us a lot at his stage of the moon. Secondly, the full moon causes changes in the biological tides, which has negative consequences for our nervous system. Therefore, it is usual to be in a state of permanent tension during this moon phase. The energy provided by the full moon is very positive for the performance of magical rituals since it allows us to concentrate more on ourselves. This phase of the lunar cycle is the moment of the inner illumination of each one of us, making it perfect to perform love protection spells.

Full moon spells for love, fertility and prosperity

The lunar phase called “full moon” lasts for three days and repeats thirteen times in a year. For thousands of years, hundreds of ancient civilizations especially took these nights when the moon shines and illuminates the night and the Earth as symbols of prosperity, fertility and particularly to perform spells of love. The Moon has by itself, an even greater meaning in Astrology. The Moon rules the tides, attracts the Earth in this phase and also favors those who seek to get pregnant. If you are seeking a child, love or prosperity; I would like to recommend this full moon spells for love for you.

Full moon spells for love and order in a relationship

The full moon spells for love are magical orders that are made in full moon phase for 3 consecutive days. In doing so, the spells caster asks the Cosmos to put order in the sentimental life of two or more people so that they can vibrate in tune. He does so using simple ingredients and materials. Love can be given to a person if the universe consents. By using a full moon spells for love, love will be born. It will make love to flourish so that the destiny of two human beings can be bound for good.

Improve your sex life using full moon spells for love and passion

The light of the full moon is well known for its strong influence on love, prosperity, fertility and sex. It will always have beneficial effects on whoever asks with humility. Once you seek help from the lunar powers fiercely, you will have your wishes fulfilled. All you have to do is to be humble so that the cosmos will grant our requests. Seeking help from the moon is not an act of prestidigitation or illusionism and requires effort.

Easy full moon spells for love to attract a lover

This one of the simplest full moon spells for love. In casting it, you will have to use white candles, honey and some silver objects like a bracelet, earrings or any chain of the person who wants his wish to be granted. Take three white candles and write the name of the person you would like to attract on them. Do it from the top to the base. Across this name, write your own name. Once you have written on the three candles, anoint them completely with honey. Get a white saucer or plate. Put the candles in it to form a triangular shape. Place the silver objects and light the candles beginning with the first one on upper vertex, followed by the one on the lower left vertex and lastly; the one on the lower right vertex.

Place the candles in a place where there is no strong wind or current. Once they are completely burnt out, clean the saucer and throw the candle remains in the street. You must do this spell for three consecutive full-moon days. After three days, carry the silver object with you for seven days. If you have more questions regarding full moon spells for love, contact your spell caster now.