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    How to cast a beginner Love Spells that work within 1 day

    How to cast a beginner Love Spells that work within 1 day

    Beginner love spells or love spells cast by beginners that work within 1 day to bring about different effects in the love arena like commitment in love, bringing back ex lovers, attracting a new or an old lover, marrying your partner, etc.

    The beginner love spells that I teach people how to cast will take about 30 minutes to complete the process. You want the results to be seen on the same day so that much energy and concentration will be required. It’s intense.

    How are these beginner love spells done?

    This is the most simple love spell that’s meant to work effectively within 24 hours from the time of casting and so it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients.

    The ingredients for this beginner love spell that work in 24 hours depend on the type that you would like to cast.

    In this tutorial, I will choose the simple lemon love spell to bring back your ex lover.
    Below are the ingredients for the lemon love spell to bring back a lost lover.

    • 1 Lemon
    • A sharp knife
    • Honey
    • A white bowl
    • A red ribbon
    • Three red scented candles
    • White cloth/ towel
    • White piece of paper and pen

    The process of casting the lemon spell

    After getting all the ingredients listed above, follow the steps below to successfully cast your spell.

    1. Fall the piece of paper in half, write your full name and date of birth on one half and that of your partner on the other half.
    2. Fall the piece of paper into a very tiny stack then keep it away to the side.
    3. Get your knife, preferably a new knife for this purpose, then slice the lemon into half.
    4. Place the folded piece of paper stack into one half of the lemon then place the other half on it and tie firmly the two halves with the red ribbon
    5. Get the white bowl, pour a little honey into it (enough to spread thinly through the bottom of the bowl then place the lemon into the bowl.
    6. Go to a quiet room, place the white cloth on a clean surface; Around it, place the three candles in a triangular formation with the base aligning to where you are seated, put the bowl and all its contents centrally located on the cloth/towel then light the candles.
    7. After lighting the candles, get ready to concentrate by following your breath for at least 3 minutes. Your mind will wander away but gently bring it back to focus till you establish a state of full relaxation where your mind is only focused on a single thing only — your breath.
    8. Whilst in that state of mind, gently say the following.

      [His/her Name], I am pure now. I am grown. I am ready to have you back. I forgive you so I may have peace. You too forgive me so we both have peace. The universe is hearing our hearts beat together. I see us coming back to each other today because we are. I am. I am [your name]. I am you. [his/her name] you are me. We are.

    9. After doing the above, repeat the mantra:

      “I am Here [his/her name], I am for you [his/her name], you are mine. We are us. Come back to me.”

    10. Repeat the mantra for at least 15 minutes. Along the way, your mind will wander but keep the focus. The whole process should take about half an hour and after that, take the bowl and its contents and place it in a safe place like a refrigerator where it will get frozen.

    I would be grateful if you sent me a picture of your work so I may help where needs be and also to encourage others that it can be done!

    Offering the contents of the bowl after your partner is back

    Depending on the strength of your concentration during the casting and saying of the mantra, within 24 hours your partner should call and confess his/her love for you or physically return.

    After your ex lover returns, contact me so I assist you how to offer the content of the bowl to the loving moon and sun.

    What if my partner doesn’t come back to me?

    The maximum wait time is 72 hours and if there’s still no sign of your partner coming back, then contact the Shaman through this link or using the form below.

    Thank you. I wish you a successful love spells casting to bring back your ex lover.
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