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    Love spells with simple ingredients

    How You Can Separate A Man From A Woman And Vise Versa

    Are you threatened by a third party who is about to break your relationship? If so, this love spells with simple ingredients is what you need. This homemade ritual is indicated to banish that unwanted person and help you know how to separate two people either a lover or the person you love so much from others who do not allow you two to be happy together.

    Although it is a homemade, it is effective and very easy to do. However, you must keep in mind that for any spell or ritual of love to be 100% effective; you must be very calm and have an open mind, with very good disposition. If you realise that it does not work, you should find out which of the steps you did not follow.

    Love Spells With Simple Ingredients To Separate Two People Fast And Effective

    To perform this love spells with simple ingredients to Separate Two People, you will need:

    • Black bag.
    • Voodoo doll.
    • Photo of the two people you want to separate.
    • 3 black headed pins.
    • Chili pepper.

    The first thing in the performance of this love spells with simple ingredients is for you to take the photo of these two people and break them into medium pieces. When you have done this, you will go through the pieces joining them in half with 3 black-headed pins, and after doing this; you will stick them on the head of the voodoo doll. Then you will take the black bag and put the doll and chili with its head down, you will close it very well.

    Once this is done you will go to the darkest place of a cemetery and dig a hole as deep as possible and put the bag, then cover it very well and say this prayer:

    Saint Alexius, you who have the power to ward off all the evil that surround the chosen ones of the Lord, I ask you to turn away (name of your beloved) from (name of the other person), I call you, I invoke you so that take away, (name of the other person) take (him/her) to the region of oblivion, never cross again in the path of (name beloved), as streams of water run so run to (name of the other person) Forever Just as it came (name of the other person) to the life of (name of your beloved) that you also withdraw from your life immediately. They should never share any table. They should never have any intimacy and they should only have disgust for one another. If they talk, make them not to understand each other. I ask the spirit of the road to cut all the routes of (name of your loved one) to (name of the other person) Thank you San Alejo for my request, I ask you to return my partner to my regretful side at my feet and to Call me every day, I promise to spread the prayer and thank you for the favor granted.

    If you do this love spells with simple ingredients to the letter and with great faith, very soon you will get positive results. Contact me in case you may need some help.

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