Prayer For Marriage Protection

Lord, I invite Your presence to inhabit our wedding. I ask you to protect my husband (wife) and me from any kind of break in communication between us.

Enables us to share our thoughts and feelings, and to always dialogue. Teach us to trust each other to share all our greatest hopes, dreams, fears and struggles.

Help us to spend time communicating with you every day, so that the communication between us is always satisfactory.

Teach us to openly express the love we feel for each other, and get rid of all kind indolence and selfishness capable of preventing us from doing so. Help us not to pronounce destructive words, but only edifying words.

Free us from the temptation to lie to each other about anything, or to deceive each other. Helps us to be honest and sincere about everything.

Teach us to speak with honesty, wisdom, instruction and understanding. We want to be always learning and getting to the full knowledge of the truth.

Teach us to hear each other and identify the signs, to have a better understanding between us. Help us find activities to do together and mature together and never to be separated from each other.

Enable us to convey love, appreciation and respect to each other, all the time. Teach us to recognize the enemy’s plan to steal, steal and destroy our marriage.

Enable us to identify the enemy’s methods and understand his attempts to provoke fights and arguments between us. Help us to have instant authority over all the enemy’s attacks on us – especially in terms of communication.

Help us to reconcile disagreements with love, compromise and consideration. Enables us to always be in communion with you and strengthens the union between us. I pray in the name of Jesus.