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    Verbal Magic Spells Using Just Words

    Verbal Magic Spells Using Just Words

    There is some form of “magic” that we all (or most of us) believe in, no matter how “educated”, “intelligent“, scientifically trained and “realistic” we are. This is what we call the “magic” of words. Would it bother you if someone unfamiliar to you uttered a silly word at you in the middle of a traffic jam? Most likely, it would bother you.

    And this is because we have all learned that words, apart from the mere noise they make, possess a “magic” that results in actions, without always having any basis. In the world of magic, there spells that one can simply cast by uttering certain words. Today, I would like to spend some time discussing these spells.

    To begin with, there WORD SPELLS called PLUG SPELLS

    What is a plug? These are spells that can’t hurt you unless you suck them up and convince yourself you are really what you hear. If you recognize some truth in the words that someone says regarding your personality, always endeavour to use your personal energy to shrug them off. Otherwise, once you take them as a truth about yourself, then you are likely to remain the way the word spells described you. Words unlock delights, embarrassment, help, pressure, and much more.

    Secondly, there are also verbal Curse Spells

    When a basketball player hits a shot, we say “Out“, “Out“, “Hasto” etc, believing that we can somehow magically influence the outcome. We also say: “Have a bad time” to influence the future of a hated person. these spells, when said in full charge of some internal energy, are likely to come true in the life of the person to which they were said. When someone says, “be blessed,” or “may it happen to you as you made it happen to me,” all will come to fulfillment.

    Wish Spells – Social Spells

    When you meet a neighbor or someone famous on the street in the morning, we have to say the magic spell: “Good Morning”. This is one of those spells which unlocks a normal social relationship and make you be in good terms with this man or woman.

    If you do not tell that this magic spell and overtake him, then you are indifferent to him and he may believe that you dislike him. How many relationships have broken because one has not sent / told the other the magic spells “Goodnight”? This spell, just as powerful as Good Morning, suggests all this together: “My thought is with you not to see nightmares, not to wake up in pain, not to be overwhelmed by an earthquake. Let this night pass without problems. ” In the same category and these good luck wishes and magic verbal spells: “Good luck”, “Have a nice trip”, “Have a nice time” and the list is endless.

    Spells with some Religious Content in them

    These verbal spells include such sayings as “Happy Easter”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday to You”, “Happy New Year” or “My Prayers are for You”. Say thank you to these spells as soon as someone utters them to you otherwise the person may dislike you. Prayer itself is a very representative sample of verbal magic. When you pray for a person and wish them well, that wish will come to fulfillment, without you even physically influencing the happenings in that person’s life.

    Name spells

    Names have certain attributes that do not arise out of nowhere on the basis of logic. In order to ‘keep up the name’, children need to have the name of their grandparents. If this does not happen, then the thread of history is cut off and there are tremendous rearrangements in space! Don’t try doing this in your family!

    However, many times, the name also bears burdens or amenities. For example, some people may become lucky because the person they were named after was also lucky. Similarly, bad luck can also follow others who was named after some particularly an unlucky person. Lest we go to adjectives … There is a big loss there! If your surname, for example, refers to a profession, all the characteristics of that professional are stuck to you, if it refers to something funny, then you will become a laughing stock.

    Advertising spells

    They are those verbal spells that want somebody to relate to their name, company, product or party. Yes

    Bad word spells

    In exceptional cases, will it shock you if a 5-year-old kid calls his mother a “money-making woman” or if he calls her with the well-known term that means exactly the same thing? I am not writing it so you won’t be shocked. In the first case, you might as well have been smiling because it is so weird. Isn’t it a bit of a joke in general, since they both mean exactly the same thing?

    And yet it is not so strange if you look at it within the narrow limits set by culture. This is because, shocked at these words spells, the words depict that the person being referred to is actually a bad person. These words “go red” in our minds as offensive, unethical and evil, as if the words are not just symbols, but carry a “magic evil” that evaporates if you use other words in the same sense. Amazingly weird!

    Courtesy spells

    Speaking to someone older than us in a respectful way will automatically declare our respect for that person. The words of respects are forms of spells that we can also use when the person we are talking to is a “respectable person” with an important post, or when we wish, for various reasons, to keep social distance from one person, in short, when “we do not want too much”. This spells will continuously confer more respect upon that person forever.

    Archaic language spells

    These spells are usually used at very formal times. We avoid talking with our modern language because it is the custom – the ritual is like that. The use of archaic language gives what we call an unrealistic style, which puts the necessary salt and pepper to show what we really mean.

    Words can make or mar a person

    Now that you have seen how speech can have an effect on a particular situation, have you ever thought that words have the power to change lives and situations? Indeed, words spells can. Even in spells casting, word spells are used. Contact me now if you would like to know more about word spells.

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