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    Why You Should Incorporate Palo Santo Into Your Daily Magic

    Why You Should Incorporate Palo Santo Into Your Daily Magic

    One of things that users of white magic often search for are the properties of Palo Santo. This native South American tree of the Burseraceae family has a powerful aroma that can invoke the spiritual entities. From time immemorial,

    the South American shamans have often considered Palo Santo as a holy tree. They often burned pieces of this tree to get rid of evil spirits and to purify the environment. This old time wisdom is still valid today.

    Palo Santo is very effective in cleansing and purification rituals

    This wonder tree called Palo Santo is one of the tools that esoteric use in cleansing and purification rituals. When burnt, its smoke has a magical property that banishes negative energies, transforms space and purifies. If there is a feeling of heaviness in the house or space, burning Palo Santo is highly recommended. It could be that there is someone sick in the house. Burning it attract healing powers for the spirit, soul and the physical body.

    How to use Palo Santo

    • Light your Palo Santo wood.
    • Let it burn for 30 seconds and gently extinguish it with your blow. If necessary, blow the coals to keep the smoke in the process.
    • To attract the desired blessings, walk around your house carrying Palo Santo starting at the front door and walking clockwise through the house.
    • When you finish blessing your house, put the Palo Santo in a fireproof container, the remaining glow will disappear alone. You can use the same piece of wood several times, different from the traditional incense.

    You can use Palo Santo before going to bed

    Since the oils and sprays that have the Palo Santo in its composition have the advantage of being carried in the bag to any place and applied at all times, they are used before bed because they promote relaxation, or in the house, after a tense energy has crossed the environment. The aroma of the spray is usually fresher, while that of the incense in its natural form is sweeter, but both are considered very powerful for energy cleansing and spiritual protection. Contact me now if you need a piece of Palo Santo.

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